Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Tommy is ready for Christmas.  She is now "friends" with Santa, and won't bark when he comes.
We have been very busy with our Santa visits, with the last home visit for Santa is at 10 pm Christmas eve.  Yup....Santa will already be on the way back to the North Pole to load up his sleigh!
Soon after our wonderful day with family we will be ready to head south.  We have designed a new blog for our future adventures.  The blog is entitled "Riding the Wind"...and the address is:

Once Christmas is over...check out our new blog.

This year it's going to be much easier to make the posts since we now have a "hotspot" on our iphone.
We can "attach" 5 electronics to it.  Aaaah....technology.

Let us not forget the REAL REASON for the SEASON...to remember the great love that our Lord & Savior has that He became man and came to be born in a manger....to live with us and die for us. 


Until we "connect" again....(on Riding the Wind blog)

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